What Should I Do to Document My Car Accident?

After a Serious Car Accident, It is Important to Preserve as Much Documentation as Possible

When you are involved in a serious car accident, recovering your losses involves proving both (i) the cause of the accident, and (ii) the effects of your injuries. While a forensic investigation can provide some evidence of causation (i.e. skid marks and shattered glass), it will generally be necessary to present documentary evidence in support of your claim as well.

10 Important Forms of Documentation Following a Car Accident

As an accident victim, you likely already have some of this evidence in your possession. You will receive additional documentation from the insurance companies and your healthcare providers as well, and there are documents that you can create personally to help prove your claim for damages. With this in mind, here are 10 forms of documentation you can create and collect in order to assist your attorney with your car accident claim:

1. The Other Driver’s Insurance and Vehicle Information

If you were able to obtain the other driver’s insurance and vehicle information at the scene of the crash, be sure to keep this information in a safe place. You can provide this information to your insurance company directly, or you can let our attorneys handle the insurance claims process for you.

2. Police Report

If you received a copy of the police report at the scene of the accident, this could serve as important documentation in your accident case as well. Police reports aren’t always as useful as people think they are (i.e. the responding officer’s statements are not conclusive proof of liability), but police reports can still be very helpful when seeking to recover just compensation.

3. Photos and Videos from the Crash Site

If you were able to take photos or videos at the scene of the accident, these could also serve as key evidence in your claim for damages. Do not delete any photos or videos, even if you think you have duplicates. Our attorneys will want to examine all of your photos and videos in detail in order to determine how we can use them to help win your case.

4. Insurance Documents

Our attorneys will also want to review your insurance policy; and, if you receive any other documentation (including letters, electronic records, or emails) after filing your claim, you will want to provide these to our attorneys as well.

5. Medical Records

Your medical records will provide evidence of your diagnosis as well as your immediate and long-term treatment needs. If you receive copies of your x-ray images, CT or MRI scans, or any other medical records, put them in a file to share with your attorneys at Oberheiden Law.

6. Medical Bills

In addition to your medical records, also try to create a file where you keep all of your medical bills. Your medical bills will add up quickly; and, regardless of whether you have health insurance to cover your medical bills in the short-term, our attorneys can seek compensation for these expenses as part of your claim.

7. Employment Documentation

If you have missed work as a result of your car accident, then our attorneys can also help you recover just compensation for your loss of income and benefits. The same is true if you will be unable to work in the future. In order to prove these current and future losses, we will need copies of your most-recent W-2s or 1099s and other employment-related records.

8. Repair Estimate

If you get an estimate for getting your car repaired (which you should do at a shop or dealership of your choice), keep a copy of the estimate to document your repair costs.

9. Your Personal Notes

After a serious car accident, it can be helpful to sit down and take 10 to 15 minutes to write down everything you can remember about the crash. The more details you can record, the more helpful your notes will be for your attorneys.

10. Your Daily “Pain Journal”

As you work through your recovery and do your best to cope with your injuries, it can also be helpful to keep a daily “pain journal.” Recording your daily pain levels and the day-to-day impacts of your injuries will establish documentation that your attorneys can use to seek just compensation for your pain, suffering, and other non-financial losses.

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