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For a moment, JUUL seemed to have disrupted the entire vaping industry. Their aggressive marketing campaigns alluded to the fact that they promoted pods and many other products that were 100% safe. Their campaigns are largely the reason investors were quick to invest in the company hoping it was the next “big thing”.

JUUL is in a completely different situation now. The company is facing multiple lawsuits across the US. Users (mostly teens) and parents of users have filed countless lawsuits to seek damages caused by JUUL’s dangerous products. JUUL also faces lawsuits filed by former employees and state Attorney General’s offices.

The lawsuits cover several allegations of wrongdoing by JUUL, among them being intentionally targeting teens and failure to disclose proven/known risks linked to using JUUL products.

I Have a JUUL Claim. What Should I Know?

Like most companies in the vaping industry, JUUL is guilty of advertising vaping as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although these claims appeared to be valid initially (since vaping pods appeared to have gotten rid of the harmful ingredients in cigarettes), they claims were unfounded in science.

E-liquid concoctions have a combination of aromatic additives, flavorings, and nicotine or THC – the chemical that gives marijuana its psychological effects. These ingredients are dissolved in a liquid oily base. Experts like Dr. Stephen Broderick argue that some vaporized elements of this oily base coat the lungs over time and cause inflammatory response.

Currently, there are several known vaping risks, including those caused by JUUL products. They include respiratory failure, seizures, strokes (like hemorrhagic stroke), vaping lung disease, nicotine addiction, lipoid pneumonia, popcorn lung (bronchiolitis obliterans), and primary spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Other risks include burns caused by JUUL device explosions/fires.

Cancer is a huge concern since vaping introduces many chemicals in the lungs. However, vaping is relatively new for there to be a concrete conclusion on whether it causes cancer or not. Tobacco cigarettes force tiny particle deposits into the bronchial cavity marking the onset of cancer. The same could be true with vaping.

Negative Effects of JUUL

What are the signs/symptoms of using JUUL vaping products? Individuals who vape, as well as parents and relatives of teens who vape should be aware of the effects of vaping JUUL products.

If you/your teen suffer negative effects after using JUUL products, seek medical attention immediately. You should also consult a lawyer about filing a JUUL lawsuit.

Lung damage and related illnesses/injuries

JUUL vaping can cause bronchiolitis obliterans, vaping lung disease, and lipoid pneumonia. Other lung damage and related illnesses/injuries linked to vaping include: chest pain, chronic coughing, abdominal pain, nose bleeding, wheezing, coughing blood, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. There are more symptoms that aren’t listed above.

It’s also worth noting that different illnesses/injuries will cause different signs/symptoms. You seek medical attention/advice immediately if you experience any negative effects from using JUUL products.

Nicotine Addiction Signs/Symptoms

Anyone who vapes should be concerned about nicotine addiction. While nicotine addiction has been downplayed in the past and present by JUUL and many other vaping industry players, it’s a major concern. JUUL marketed its products mostly to younger audiences. By infusing pods with sweet flavor and advertising using the 80s and 90s techniques, most victims of JUUL products were bound to be teens as well as young adults. Most have nicotine addictions and risk suffering life-long effects.

Nicotine addiction presents both psychological and physical effects. The most common include headaches, sweating, nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, feeling tense, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and other signs associated with nicotine withdrawal. Psychological symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, social isolation, difficulty concentrating, and sleeplessness.

JUUL Vaping Lawsuits

There are many claims against JUUL currently filed by parents, customers, and other interested parties.

Oberheiden Law is ready to represent victims and family members whose loved ones are suffering because of JUUL. We can represent clients on all types of JUUL claims nationwide.

There are four major types of claims against JUUL. They include deceptive advertising targeting minors/teens, false/misleading safety claims, knowingly marketing and selling dangerous/highly addictive products and claims involving defective vaping devices.

Deceptive advertising targeting minors/teens

Majority of the uproar behind JUUL’s practices are targeted on the company’s relentless efforts to market their products to teens. In a recent statement made by Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, while announcing a JUUL lawsuit, Bob stated there were obvious efforts by JUUL to put profit before people.

According to Bob Ferguson, JUUL uses deceptive and unfair marketing strategies that are appealing to the youth. These efforts have seen a staggering increase in the number of teen vapers. Ferguson finds JUUL’s efforts to be responsible for reversing decades of progress that have been made in the fight against nicotine addiction. He stresses the importance of holding companies like JUUL accountable.

JUUL’s teen-targeting strategy has included social media campaigns featuring colorful ads of young models. The company has also been focusing on fruit and dessert flavors known to be popular among teens. Although JUUL denies the allegations, they are impossible to refute. Many families have moved on with promotion-based claims against the company.

Misleading safety claims

Other JUUL lawsuits are about misleading claims. JUUL has been on record countless times, pushing misleading claims that their products are safe. The claims include stating that vaping is safer than traditional cigarette smoking. The company has also stated that vaping doesn’t come with lung damage and nicotine addiction risks.

The reality is contrary to JUUL’s claims. These claims were thought to be accurate by JUUL and other industry players initially since there have been hardly any notable vaping experiences to accurately conclude otherwise. Vaping has been relatively new to be deemed as risky as smoking tobacco. The risks associated with vaping are more well-known today as more patients get diagnosed with illnesses and injuries directly related to vaping. It’s more obvious today that vaping isn’t as safe as previously thought.

Knowingly marketing and selling dangerous/highly addictive products

It appears JUUL knew its products were highly addictive and dangerous. There is evidence showing they had prior knowledge of the risks their products posed to customers, and they knowingly decided to market their products to young adults and teens.

This is a serious issue that demands accountability. What’s more shocking is the fact that JUUL is still advertising its products aggressively while there are ongoing efforts by the state Attorney General and federal government to ban their products. JUUL keeps selling their products despite the obvious safety concerns they pose to customers.

Defective devices

Other common JUUL claims include those surrounding defective devices – e-cigarettes prone to catch fire and explode in some instances. There are many reports of JUUL e-cigarettes overheating and/or exploding. Such cases have resulted in fatal injuries and death.

Cases of JUUL e-cigarettes injuries have caused victims severe physical pain, psychological trauma, and huge medical bills. Many victims have been disfigured by JUUL e-cigarettes. Such individuals must be compensated accordingly, given they’ll have difficulties leading normal lives again.

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As personal injury & wrongful death attorneys, we handle cases against JUUL, ranging from non-fatal to fatal injuries and anything in between. We can help persons suffering from JUUL-related injuries get justice. Anyone who has suffered because of using JUUL products is entitled to a settlement that covers their injuries and related costs now and in the future.

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