Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

When You Need to Recover Your Losses After a Serious Motorcycle Accident, Proving the Cause of the Accident is the First Step on the Road to Recovery

When you are riding your motorcycle, there is only so much you can control. For example, while you can wear appropriate safety gear and ride within your limits, you cannot prevent drivers from making poor decisions, and you cannot anticipate your motorcycle, safety gear, the road, or another vehicle being defective.

Motorcycle accidents can have many different causes; and, while some riders make mistakes that lead to accidents, most riders’ injuries result from factors beyond their control. As an injured motorcycle rider, or as the family member of a rider who has been seriously injured or killed, this is important to remember, and under no circumstances should you assume that you or your loved one was to blame.

These are the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in the United States

If motorcycle riders are not to blame for the majority of accidents, then what factors cause riders to go down? The following are all leading causes of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States:

  • Drivers Who are Reckless or Careless – Many drivers simply are not as careful as they should be, particularly in the presence of motorcycles. Merging without looking, running red lights and stop signs, tailgating, and other common driving mistakes are all common causes of motorcycle collisions.
  • Drivers Who are Distracted – Distracted driving is a factor in a significant percentage of accidents involving motorcycles. Drivers who are not paying attention the road are far less likely to see motorcycles in time to avoid causing a serious or fatal collision.
  • Drivers Who are Drunk or High – Driving while drunk or high is extremely dangerous. It impairs drivers’ cognitive, visual, and manual faculties, and it increases their risk of hitting motorcycles (and other vehicles) significantly.
  • Drivers Who are Drowsy, Fatigued, or Asleep Behind the Wheel – Researchers have found that drowsiness and fatigue can cause impairments similar to low-level alcohol intoxication. Of course, when a driver is asleep behind the wheel, he or she entirely incapable of driving safely or maneuvering to avoid a collision.
  • Vehicle, Motorcycle, and Safety Equipment Defects – Defects in vehicles and motorcycles can lead to sudden and unexpected accidents, and defects in helmets, boots, and other safety equipment can lead to serious traumatic injuries.
  • Vehicle and Motorcycle Maintenance Issues – Maintenance issues can lead to sudden and unexpected accidents as well. This includes both faulty maintenance work (i.e. failing to bleed brakes or torque nuts to specification) and failure to have necessary maintenance work performed on a car, truck, or SUV.
  • Road Defects and Maintenance Issues – Potholes, debris accumulation, low shoulders, and numerous other issues with the road can present extreme hazards for motorcycle riders. When we investigate motorcycle accident cases, we always look for evidence that an issue with the road played a role in the accident.
  • Negligent Hiring and Entrustment – If a company hires an inexperienced or unlicensed driver, or if a company entrusts a vehicle to a driver who is otherwise unsafe or unqualified behind the wheel, then that company can be held liable for any accidents its driver causes.

This list is not exhaustive; and, if you have reason to believe that some other factor caused or contributed to your (or your loved one’s) accident, you should discuss your case with an attorney. At Oberheiden Law, our motorcycle accident attorneys are available 24/7, your initial consultation is completely free, and our contingency fee is significantly lower than the fee charged by most other law firms.

How Do You Prove the Cause of a Serious or Fatal Motorcycle Accident?

In order to prove the cause of a serious or fatal motorcycle accident, it is important to engage a law firm to investigate promptly. At Oberheiden Law, we have lawyers and experts nationwide who can investigate motorcycle accidents immediately.

It is also important to retain any documentation you have in your possession, and there are certain forms of documentation that our lawyers may want you to generate as well. This documentation could prove to be key evidence in your claim for financial compensation.

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