What are the Steps in a Slip and Fall Case?

What Happens After a Slip and Fall Accident? Find Out from the Premises Liability Attorneys at Oberheiden Law.

Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries, but property owners and tenants will not pay without a fight. As a result, as an accident victim, you need to take control of your situation, and this starts with hiring an experienced premises liability attorney to represent you.

The 10 Steps in Your Slip and Fall Accident Case

At Oberheiden Law, we have premises liability attorneys available to handle slip and fall accident cases nationwide. All of our attorneys have extensive experience, and they have recovered billions of dollars in financial compensation for their clients’ losses. Here is what happens once you engage our firm to represent you:

Step #1: Free Initial Consultation

The first step is your free initial consultation. During your consultation, you will meet with an attorney at Oberheiden Law one-on-one, either in person or via phone or video conference. Your attorney will answer your questions, explain everything you need to know, and discuss the next steps in your case.

Step #2: Initial Investigation

If it appears that you may have a claim, we will launch an investigation promptly. In slip and fall accident cases, it is important to investigate as soon as possible. We have a nationwide network of highly-experienced investigators who are available to investigate and collect evidence right away.

Step #3: Claim Assessment

After our initial investigation, we can provide a more-detailed assessment of your legal rights. Your attorney will advise you regarding whether you should pursue a claim (or multiple claims), and you will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about moving forward.

Step #4: Claim Filing

If you decide to move forward, your attorney will file all available claims on your behalf. In most cases this involves filing a claim against the property owner, but a tenant, flooring manufacturer, or other third party could potentially be liable as well.

Step #5: Ongoing Communication

Throughout your case, we will remain in close contact. You will have ongoing communication with your attorney, and your attorney will work with you to ensure that you receive appropriate medical care and to calculate your financial and non-financial losses.

Step #6: Discovery

Discovery is a formal legal procedure during which the parties to a lawsuit can request evidence from one another. With decades of experience in personal injury and premises liability litigation, we are skilled at using the discovery process to our clients’ advantage.

Step #7: Settlement Negotiations

Typically, slip and fall accident claims will lead to settlement negotiations. Your attorney at Oberheiden Law will negotiate on your behalf, and he or she will leverage the available evidence to argue for a quick and favorable settlement.

Step #8: Settlement Offer Review

If the other side makes a settlement offer, your attorney will review the offer with you in detail. Your attorney will explain whether the offer is fair, and he or she will calculate exactly how much you would take home with our 25% contingency fee (most law firms charge 33% or more). We will follow this procedure for any and all settlement offers received during your case.

Step #9: Trial Preparation

While negotiating for a favorable settlement offer, your lawyer will also be preparing your case for trial. This is a complex and multi-step process in itself, and it is extremely important that your lawyer is experienced in taking slip and fall accident cases to court. At Oberheiden Law, our senior attorneys and all of the lawyers in our nationwide network are experienced litigators who have proven records of success at trial.

Step #10: Trial

Finally, if your claim does not settle, your attorney will take your case to trial. In many cases, slip and fall accident claims will settle in between trial days. If a fair settlement is on the table, your attorney will advise you to accept; and, if not, your attorney will take your case to verdict.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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