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Why Should I Consult and Hire a Lawyer In A Personal Injury Case?

Hire a Lawyer In A Personal Injury Case

Why Should I Consult/Hire a Lawyer If The Insurance Company Has Offered to Settle?

If you get injured in a car accident or lose a loved one and the insurance company representing the party at fault offers a settlement amount, you are at liberty to accept the settlement. However, it’s not recommendable to do so in the absence of a seasoned personal injury lawyer.

If there are injuries involved, medical costs or death, you need a lawyer to advise you accordingly. According to the IRC (Insurance Research Council) research, auto accident victims who hire lawyers get 3.5 times more in compensation compared to those victims who work directly with insurance companies.

While insurance companies want to pay the least in claims for obvious reasons, personal injury attorneys are motivated to fight for the best settlement possible. Auto accidents come with unique challenges, such as lack of enough evidence to prove the other party’s role in your injuries. Seasoned lawyers know how to collect evidence and navigate other gray areas that make it hard to establish liability and arrive at a fair settlement.

Let’s explore both ends to see why lawyers are important in personal injury claim settlements.

Negotiating directly with an insurance company

Auto accident victims injured because of the negligence of another party are entitled to compensation. You should be compensated for the medical bills you incur because of the accident and other losses (such as pain, suffering and lost wages).

Filing a claim & responding to a reservation to rights letter

Victims can file claims directly with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. The filing process can be done online, after which you wait for correspondence (reservation to rights letter). The letter will notify you of an investigation. Insurance companies don’t admit fault before investigating claims.

Demand letter

Claimants should respond to reservation to rights letters with demand letters. A demand letter states all the facts of an accident, including the severity of your injuries and quantifiable costs like property damage and medical expenses, among other out-of-pocket expenses. Your demand letter should also have an estimate of general damages like suffering and pain.

Such damages are usually calculated by multiplying the overall cost of special damages by any number between 2 and 5, depending on the severity of general damages. Your demand letter should also include lost wages if your injuries made you miss work, get fired, or lose your ability to work completely in the future.

Receiving settlement offer

Insurance companies respond to demand letters with settlement offers. The offer you get will most likely be lower than what you ask for/deserve. You should expect a response stating that your demand is higher than the actual damages. You may even get pressured to take the offer as it is “one-time” and only available for a short time. This shouldn’t surprise you since insurance companies are interested in settling quickly for the least amount possible.

Counter offers

You can accept the settlement offer or write another letter revising your settlement amount and highlighting any concerns you have. At this point, the process can become complicated and onerous. It can also be difficult determining a good from a bad settlement amount if you are not an expert in the area.

That’s where personal injury lawyers come in. If your claim involves death or serious injuries, you can’t afford to negotiate and accept settlement offers blindly.

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer

Seasoned personal injury lawyers don’t charge their clients anything up until they win the case, and the settlement is paid. They also handle every aspect of your case from the small details of an accident to establishing the other party’s negligence and the long-term effects of your injuries.

If you go beyond seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer and hire them, they will investigate the claim on your behalf. This involves visiting the accident scene, examining police reports, witness testimonials, hospital bills, your job history, future earning power, and more.

Personal injury lawyers can consult medical experts and accident reconstruction experts if they need to. They can even subpoena video surveillance and information just to get all case facts necessary and build the strongest defenses capable of winning you a settlement amount you would only dream off.

When you hire a lawyer, you don’t need to worry about anything, including back-and-forth correspondence with insurance companies and accepting/rejecting offers. If the insurance company fails to give in to a fair settlement, your lawyer can file a lawsuit and see the whole process through. However, you must choose the best!

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